Cows and donkeys

With their special dedication to the land they manage, their attachment to their roots and a sensitivity towards the preservation of biodiversity, the Samsa family has developed an original and interesting method of farming.

The entire farm, covering ​​98 hectares (242 acres) has been placed within the areas of environmental protection under the terms of the Natura 2000 Network, and is made up of a wide expanse of grassland that is the only example of dry karst grassland still grazed daily.

The farm, certified organic, is characterized by domestic animals that graze outside on the rangeland throughout the year and belong to breeds at risk of extinction, both in national terms, such as the Amiata donkey, regional varieties, such as the Friulan Red Pied cow, totaling about 25 cows, 14 donkeys and 2 horses.

Should you so wish, the Samsa family, with great joy and passion will help you get to know their domestic animals during your stay at their “Alture di Polazzo” rural park.